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The purpose of this program is to develop an additional housing option in Hastings and Prince Edward Counties that promotes intergenerational living for Loyalist students and older adults (55 years of age and over) in the region.

There are several important steps for a mutually beneficial match to be made. Our Home Share team will walk you through each one.

Recruit applicants

Complete the online application form. 

Assess applications

All applications are reviewed and information confirmed with applicants within the first week of applying. Applicants will be asked to provide three references and complete the Vulnerable Sector Screening.

Match participants

The online system is checked for matches based on prioritized questions (e.g., living preferences) to identify any potential matches. Once a potential match is found, we move on to a three-step meeting process facilitated by the Home Share Team that includes individual and group meetings and a home visit. If the applicants are in agreement, they are assisted in developing their unique housing agreement and a move in date is identified. The applicants begin their home-share journey.

Follow up with participants

The Home Share Team will conduct a one- and three-month follow-up/check-in.

Build a home share community

Connect with and encourage interaction of Home Share participants via online private forum/discussion group. Organize social gatherings at least two times per year at Loyalist College or a community location. These gatherings could be face-to-face or virtual or a combination.

We are flexible; however, none of the steps can be skipped.

Based on information from other programs, it takes about two months to complete the whole process from beginning to end, including the wait time for your police check to be cleared. COVID-19 safety protocols will be followed based on the minimal standards set by the Province of Ontario and the municipality of the shared home. Home seekers, home providers and Home Share Team members could request that additional precautions are taken such as mask wearing and disclosure of vaccine status. This will be determined on an individual basis.